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Sunday 19th May 2019

Your New Website

Sunday 19th May 2019

Voiice.UK is an online, public-facing, standardised, moderated and managed information network. You determine your own content for each of your cards. You have your own unique domain-name ( No technical skill is required other than to use email to send source information to Voiice.UK for publication. Your domain may be used as an alternative to – or in addition to – your organisation's primary website. All submissions are published at the discretion of Voiice.UK which shares responsibility for the validity of all content — hence submissions must be honest and decent and in final form with any third-party material reproduced with permission and attributed. Here's how it works: (1) You make first contact by email to louise.lloydindex and outline your publishing plan. (2) We set up your exclusive domain with an initial set of blank cards. (3) We give you a private Voiice.UK email account. (4) You use your private Voiice.UK email to tell us what you want on each of your cards. (5) We publish your information on your cards in your domain. Example sites: the Voiice.UK framework is based on development of the community voice website of Kidlington Village, Oxfordshire UK (see Another instance of the Voiice.UK framework can be viewed at DrunkDry Kidlington

The purpose of this website is not to collect data from visitors but to broadcast information published by subscriber-publishers. Any cookies which may be generated in this process are not explicitly set by Voiice.UK but are technically necessary for the Internet to disseminate this web-based information efficiently. In particular, no personally identifiable data about visitors is sought by Voiice.UK nor captured. All information broadcast by Voiice.UK is globally available on the World Wide Web. Source information is communicated privately to Voiice.UK using internally-assigned email accounts. Contact: louise.lloydv53.

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